Why does this positive
function get out of hand
with some people?
 Click image to go back to Anxiety Topics. Unfortunately, not everyone reacts to stress in the same way. There is a large group of people who have a heightened susceptibility to stress. In fact, there appears to be a genetic link that these people have in common. For these people, ordinary stress sets off a cascades of physical and mental reactions. Their bodies overreact to the stressor. And once stressed, they have difficulty letting go of the stressor. As a result, they experience very high levels of anxiety for much of the time. Some of the time, these anxious states will peak into panic attacks. Other time, they will be in a state of almost constant worry. This anxiety occurs even when they can rationally look at their situation and realize that there is nothing to be especially worried about. Living like this is extremely difficult. If you live like this, you probably need to see an anxiety specialist like Dr. Kaisch or Alicia Mutter.

For other people living in these modern times, they are virtually under continual stress. For these people, the tiger never seems to go away. As far as your body and mind are concerned, it doesn't matter whether the stress comes from your job, your relationships, your kids, or your financial situation. You live in a constant state of high anxiety arousal. After a time, this can be severely debilitating. Constant levels of high anxiety lead to poor mental performance, and often lead to physical difficulties like high blood pressure, ulcers, etc. If you have such high stress levels, you need to change your life. The mind and body are not designed to function for very long periods of time under these conditions, and they will fail you. If you need help in dealing with high levels of stress, you can contact any of us.

This is not to imply that all stress is bad. In fact, we need a certain level of stress in our lives to function well. But too much stress is physically and mentally debilitating, and should be addressed as quickly as possible.


What is the best way to treat anxiety?


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