Who Needs To See a Therapist
for Depression and Why?
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Depression is often an insidious disease. It interweaves into a person's life so that it is difficult to distinguish where you leave off and where the depression begins. If you believe, for example, that you are worthless and incapable, is that because you are in fact worthless or because your depression has so changed your perception of yourself that you can no longer distinguish yourself from it?

Because of the insidious nature of the depressive disorders, having a psychotherapist to assist in treatment is usually a very good idea. It is often, however, quite difficult for a depressed person to take the first step and make an appointment. Because you feel that this is the way you are, you do not admit even the possibility that things could change for you. Let me assure you, you probably can change. You are reading this right now, and it took some effort to search us out. This is an example of your power to change. Build on that and call someone who can help you treat your depression.

Sometimes the depression is so severe that people who love you need to take the first step. If you are paralyzed and cannot get help for yourself, then perhaps those who love you can do this for you. If this is the case for you, show them this web page and ask for their help.

Another reason for seeking professional help is that your energy is quite low when you are depressed and your motivation to change is barely present. You need someone who knows what they are doing with depression. Someone who will push you a bit, who will hold you accountable. You need someone who will give you homework and encourage you to persevere. Only by taking active steps will you be able to get moving and get out of the pit that you are in.

Finally, you need someone who is an expert in treating depression. A great deal of research has been done over the last thirty years, and very reliable behavioral methods have been developed for helping you to lift yourself out of your depression. So take advantage of the expertise that is available. Give us a call at 714/992-4656. Or if you live out of our area, call someone closer to you. If you need a referral, check our hotlinks.


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