Psychotherapy for Personal Growth
 Click image to go back home. Psychotherapy is a set of very powerful tools that were originated to treat specific psychiatric syndromes and disorders. These tools can also be used to address issues and problems that are not "clinical" but which nevertheless cause suffering.

For many people, there is much about their lives that is mysterious. When you examine your life, you may have questions like: Why am I always attracted to this kind of girlfriend/boyfriend? What keeps me so shy? Why can't I be the success that I have always dreamed of being? Why does this situation -- which comes up again and again -- always make me hopping mad (or sad, or afraid)? Why am I not more effective in my life?

With a skilled therapist, you can be guided into the mysterious realms within yourself in ways that make sense. Your inner world is constantly trying to communicate with you, but not in a language that most people understand. Your inner world uses the language of images and feelings instead of the linear format of a spoken language. What this means is that your brain takes a great deal of data and puts it into a picture form so that it is easy to understand. Its like a bionic computer: it crunches pages and pages of numbers that are incomprehensible into an easy-to-understand bar graph. Once you learn this language, a very rich data source will open up for you. Therapy that focuses on personal growth will help you learn this language and show you how to use it.


Personal Growth Issues


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