Personal Growth Issues
 Click image to go back. There are a number of predictable life challenges that human beings face. Everyone goes through these challenges and they can be more or less difficult depending on the tools which you have to deal with them. These challenges include, at the beginning of adult life: finding a suitable mate, the agonies of the first year of marriage, and the arrival of your first child. These challenges also involve work-related issues such as finding a suitable vocation, finding the right job, and getting ahead in your career.

Then as we age, we face predictable challenges in the middle of our lives. For men, there is the oft-described "mid-life crisis". Here, much of what has given a man meaning just evaporates, as he looks back on what he has accomplished and where he has failed. For women, the challenge is menopause, losing the reproductive capacity. Since much of a woman's identify may be carried by motherhood, this is a significant life challenge. For both men and women, this is the time in your life when your last child will probably leave home, creating a void in the lives of both parents. During this time, you are likely to lose a parent to death -- another life challenge.

Finally in old age, your body will start betraying you. Your dependable horse, which has carried you wherever you have wanted to go, begins to give out. Your knees don't work so well. You wake up with aches and pains and have trouble sleeping through the night. Your senses -- vision, hearing, taste and smell -- begin to dim. And worst of all, your friends start dying and you realize that you too will die soon.

These challenges are what life is all about. Meeting them successfully can be enhanced by talking with a skilled psychotherapist. You don't have to be crazy to talk with a psychologist. You don't even have to have a mental disorder. You are likely to benefit from our services if you find yourself challenged by any of these predictable life events.


Opportunities for Personal Growth


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