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Personal Growth
 Click image to go back. At the Consultants for Change, we offer two therapy formats for personal growth. The first and most basic format is individual therapy. Here you will meet one-on-one with your therapist and discuss your needs and questions. With your therapist, you will formulate a plan of action that will take you inside, familiarize you with your inner world, and address the questions which you have. Individual therapy is a very powerful tool which can help you focus on the inner conflicts and blocks which keep you from being the person you would like to become.

We also offer group therapy. Most people are somewhat afraid of groups and can be reluctant to join them. Groups offer a very powerful tool for personal change. They are especially helpful in dealing with problems that arise out of family dynamics, and problems of self-esteem, shame, and guilt. Groups offer a rich social environment where many of the mechanisms that take place in daily life occur - projection, identification, empathy, anger, fear, and so on. Under the guidance of a skilled therapist, group therapy will give you an environment where you can explore the interpersonal dynamics of your life, and resolve the problems or blocks which have arisen for you.

Group therapy is especially important for the development of emotional intelligence. We live in a culture that overemphasizes intellectual development. The cost of this emphasis is that we neglect our emotional development. Researchers are just now discovering that emotions play a much more important role than we used to suspect. Our emotional intelligence is the key factor that determines how well we get along with others, how comfortable we are with ourselves, whether we succeed in life or fail, whether we make good partners for our mates, good parents for our children, and so on. Dan Goleman, in his book Emotional Intelligence, has done a wonderful job of summarizing this research. We would commend this book to all of you who are reading this page, because it will help you understand just how important your emotions are to your well-being and your success in life.

At this point in our culture, psychotherapy is the only place that explicitly focuses on the development of our emotions, how to read our own and others' emotions, and how to use the information that you gain from these sources. If you are not comfortable with your emotions, or if you have felt that you are leading a one-dimensional life, or if others have told you that you are not emotionally available, you would benefit by looking into group therapy to address this.

Many people have a variety of fears about therapy groups. The groups that we run are not confrontative, in-your-face '60's encounter groups. Our first task as therapists is to provide every group member with a safe place to explore their feelings. If you don't feel safe, then you will never be able to open up and explore your inner depths. This is not to say that you are not pushed a little from time to time. But this pushing is always done in the context of where you are in your therapeutic journey and what you can handle. In our groups, the client can always stop the action at any time. This provides the ultimate in safety for you.


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