For Which Sports Is Psychological
Help Most Effective?
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Some sports like handball or racquetball are action-packed. Players are actually playing their game most of the time that they are on the court. Not so with sports like football, with its breaks after every play, or golf, where you are actually swinging less than one percent of the time that you spend on the course. The sports that have lower ratio of playing time to time on the field (like golf, tennis, football, baseball, swimming, etc.) are the sports that are most difficult mentally. These are the sports where the services of a sports psychologist are usually necessary for optimal play.

You see, when you have long pauses in the action of play, you have time to psych yourself out. You have time to question your abilities to make a shot or a play. You have time to make your opponent into a huge monster that you can't possibly beat. You have time to tie yourself up in knots. Sports like racquetball, on the other hand, are so fast that you don't have time to create any extraneous thoughts. It is much harder to psych yourself out in these sports than in those sports that have long pauses in the action.

What does a sports psychologist
do with an athlete?


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