Telephone Therapy
 Click image to go home. For a variety of reasons, it is not always possible to meet with a therapist face-to-face. For some, work schedules make finding a regular appointment time difficult. For others, their disorder makes a personal visit difficult or even impossible. To address these difficulties, Dr. Kaisch offers psychotherapy over the telephone for selected clients.

It is important to understand that telephone therapy has certain distinct limitations. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for this kind of treatment. If you are in a desperate situation where your life is in danger or where there is the possibility of a serious mental breakdown, then telephone therapy is not appropriate for you. If, on the other hand, your problems are not so extreme, then phone therapy may be appropriate.

Telephone therapy allows you contact with a skilled mental health professional to consult about those issues and problems that concern you. One of the difficulties is that phone therapy prevents the therapist from seeing you in a literal sense. That means that he/she is unable to observe nonverbal communications like facial expression, body language, and other visual cues to your emotional state and your inner feelings. To address this, we require clients with whom we employ telephone therapy to come in for a four-hour initial appointment so that we can take a thorough history. Then we administer a battery of psychological tests that give us a deeper insight into your character, and which help us decide if you are a suitable candidate for this kind of treatment. Only then will we make the determination to go forward with this kind of treatment.

If you are interested in seeing if you are a suitable candidate for telephone therapy, please call us at 714/992-4656 to set up an initial consultation.

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